Ronda Allison

With Rhonda Allison, skin care is not just a science, but and art which evolves with understanding and experience. Using the Science of Chirality and drawing inspiration from nature, Rhonda blends the best of active natural ingredients with highly beneficial, scientifically developed compounds to create a synergy of superior professional products and treatments that will transform the condition of your skin.


Accidentally discovered by a dentist in 1985, this unique formulation was a side effect of medication given to a patient who informed the doctor that something was suddenly clearing his skin of unsightly razor bumps. Since then, many other uses for Tend Skin have been discovered. Tend Skin will improve the appearance of razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and redness caused by hair removal. Excellent for both women and men, you will see results in 24 hours! All of these cosmetic problems relate to hair removal. This means Tend Skin is good for women and men. Men can use it on their faces and necks. Women will find it usful on legs, bikini lines, underarms and anywhere else hair removal creates ingrown hairs or razor bumps.

Tan Towel

Australian born, Lori Braun's dream was to create the ultimate self-tanning product. With increasing skin cancer statistics, and the perpetual desire to look tanned, self-tanners have become a necessary choice for people to get that healthy glow, without exposing the skin to the harmful rays of the sun. For Braun, a single-use self-tanning towelette seemed the perfect solution. With that, she created TanTowel, a line of self-tanning products that provide a healthy, natural looking glow. TanTowel is simple to apply, nonstreaking, nonstaining, does not turn orange, and is packaged in single-use applications to ensure each 

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